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30.10.2021 – 04:00

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The COP26 summit will begin on October 31st, around 200 countries will gather and discuss measures to protect and restore ecosystems. Driven by green technology, Hisense continues to integrate environmental initiatives into all aspects of manufacturing, supply chain and energy efficient product development.

Greener technology

Since 2018, Hisense has reduced HFC-245fa through technological innovations, converted its refrigerator production using foaming technology and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This saved around 5847.3 tons of CO2 emissions. In addition, the technology was publicly recognized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as an ecological leader in the refrigerator industry in 2021.

More energy saving

Hisense has now reduced the power consumption of a 100-inch laser television to around 250 watts, while an LCD television of the same size uses more than 800 watts. In the future, Hisense will reduce the energy consumption of 100-inch laser TVs to less than 200 watts.

sustainable production

Hisense strictly adheres to the principles of energy saving and environmental protection in all phases, from the selection of raw materials to production and processing. For example, when Hisense makes a new TV series, the company optimizes the TV’s overall heat dissipation system, reduces the thickness of the TV’s back cover, and saves 4,626 tons of plastic every year, the equivalent of a reduction of 514 million plastic bags.

Together with the COP26 conference, CNBC launched the CNBC ESG Council, a round table summit attended by the CEOs of the world’s best-known companies. Previously, Hisense President Jia Shaoqian, a member of the CNBC ESG Council, shared his findings and actions on technological innovation and sustainable development with the global audience.

President Jia also stated that as a socially influential and socially responsible company, we should always focus on the ESG in order to achieve the goal of being green, healthy, energy efficient and environmentally friendly without sacrificing the environment and promoting sustainable development green, healthy, and lower energy consumption and better environmental protection. Sustainable development is a long-term endeavor for Hisense. Internally, Hisense is committed to a long-term initiative to create a better environment for businesses and employees. Externally, we take environmental and social responsibility seriously to ensure that consumer rights and the environment are protected around the world.

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