Success with the first lottery tip: French woman wins 220 million euros

Status: October 29, 2021 1:49 p.m.

Six correct numbers in the lottery are pretty unlikely. But what a young French woman managed to achieve is even less likely: she won 220 million euros on her first tip in life.

In France, a young woman hit the lottery jackpot – with the first lottery ticket she had ever filled out. Now the lucky player from the French overseas territory of French Polynesia is richer by 220 million euros in one fell swoop.

“I had an inspiration”

As the French state lottery company, La Française des Jeux, announced, the winner had already cracked the record jackpot of the “Euromillions” lottery two weeks ago.

The young woman always saw her grandfather play and was convinced that one day she would win. “I have often told my grandpa that I will be lucky the day I play,” the gambling company quoted the winner as saying. She waited for the right moment and then had an inspiration.

Lottery ticket hidden under the bed

The money has now been handed over to the woman in Tahiti. Until then, she had hidden her lottery ticket well – under the bed and between items of clothing. “In the end, I was afraid I would forget where I put it.”

With the sudden windfall, the woman from the South Pacific now wants to go far away. “I want to travel the world with my family and discover the snow that I’ve never seen,” she told the lottery company. It should also be a second home on every continent, but she also wants to invest money and donate it to charity.

Otherwise, the money shouldn’t change anything. “I will remain humble – and continue to run barefoot,” said the winner.

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