Spahn on the corona pandemic: booster vaccination possible for everyone

As of: 10/29/2021 11:16 a.m.

Federal Minister of Health Spahn is promoting booster vaccinations against the corona virus. This could break a wave, as the example of Israel shows. Spahn set a good example and emphasized that there was enough vaccine for everyone.

In view of the high number of new corona infections and hospital beds filling up with Covid 19 sufferers, the acting Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn is promoting booster vaccinations. This applies above all to the elderly, those in need of care and medical staff, said the CDU politician in the RBB. There is enough vaccine available so that anyone who wants can get a so-called booster vaccination. Spahn set a good example – he got vaccinated again on Thursday.

“You can break a wave with the boosters,” said Spahn with conviction. This is also shown by the development in Israel. Booster vaccinations would help “get through the winter safely”. At the beginning of October, the Standing Vaccination Commission STIKO recommended booster vaccinations for people aged 70 and over and the groups mentioned by Spahn.

Spahn appealed to the federal states to invite these people in writing to receive booster vaccinations. He wants to advertise this at the conference of health ministers next week. He left it open who should carry out the vaccinations. The vaccination centers have been closed in many places because the federal government ended funding.

Spahn advertises test and protection concepts

At the same time, the acting minister called for testing not to be neglected and protection concepts to be strengthened again. “I strongly encourage the federal states to finally make test concepts mandatory for care facilities again.” That must also apply to vaccinated people who work there. He recommended all people to be more careful with one another – that is, to limit unnecessary contacts.

Spahn showed up in the RBB when asked, however, not yet in existential concern for the hospitals. The numbers were expected to rise in autumn and winter. “It is now important that we do not let the stress in the intensive care units in the hospitals increase too much.”

“Unprepared in autumn and winter”

In contrast, the virologist Hendrik Streeck sees the country inadequately armed. “Unfortunately we are going again very unprepared in autumn and winter,” said the director of the Virology Institute at the University of Bonn to the dpa news agency. “The capacities in intensive care units are reduced, we can also expect a flu epidemic again if necessary, we do not have a good record of the infection process, but again a higher mobility.” At the same time, he criticized the end of the free rapid tests for all citizens.

“The advice on vaccination cannot be given often enough,” emphasized Streeck. Contagion from vaccinated people would not speak against it. “The primary goal of vaccine development was not to trigger an immune response that would protect against any infection. It was always about protecting against severe disease.” Because of so-called breakthrough infections, one can in no way speak of a failure of the vaccines.

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