Saxon Vaccination Commission recommends booster vaccinations for everyone over the age of 18

The Saxon Vaccination Commission (SIKO) recommends with immediate effect a so-called booster vaccination for all people over the age of 18. As the commission announced, a so-called booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine could be administered at the earliest six months after the basic immunization, it said. The latest data show that vaccination significantly reduces the risk of seriously contracting corona for all age groups. Up until now, the booster vaccination was primarily intended for the elderly and people with high-risk diseases.

In addition to the recommendation for booster vaccination, SIKO has also changed its position on the Moderna vaccine (“Spikevax”). Although this is approved from the age of twelve, according to SIKO it should only be vaccinated from the age of 30. The background to this is the latest studies from October that indicate a slightly greater increase in cardiac muscle and pericardial inflammation in adolescents and young adults. Such side effects, which can usually occur within 14 days after the vaccination, are not known in Saxony in the age group up to 30 years, according to the information. In addition, they are very rare overall.

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