RKI weekly report: The risk of contagious contacts is growing

Status: 10/29/2021 3:39 a.m.

The number of corona cases in Germany has risen rapidly recently. The curve is now pointing upwards again in intensive care units. The RKI warns that the chance of infection through contact therefore increases.

In view of the spread of the corona virus in Germany, the Robert Koch Institute has warned of a growing risk of infection. “With the current seven-day incidence, there is an increasing likelihood of infectious contacts,” said the latest weekly report. It is “strongly recommended” to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and to ensure that you are completely vaccinated.

What is meant is that you should also get the second injection, which is provided for almost all corona vaccines. The possibility of booster vaccination should be used by the groups to which the Standing Vaccination Commission recommends it, it said. If you have mild symptoms, you should stay at home and get tested, if possible with PCR, tweeted the RKI. This also applies to those who have been vaccinated.

“Pronounced effect” of vaccinations

Unnecessary contacts should be reduced and the rules of conduct for protection against infections should be strictly adhered to. The RKI notes that the proportion of people who have been vaccinated has hardly increased in the past few weeks. Citing own calculations, it was said that a “pronounced effect” of the corona vaccination to prevent Covid-19 diseases and hospital admissions in Germany has been proven.

The RKI compared the respective incidences in the unvaccinated and the fully vaccinated population. Result: In the vaccinated population, both the weekly incidence of cases with symptoms and the incidence of hospital admissions were well below the respective values ​​of the unvaccinated population, it said. This applies to the two age groups analyzed (18 to 59 and from 60 years of age) and to the entire study period from mid-July to mid-October.

Rising incidences in all age groups

Regarding the general corona situation, the report says that the rising trend of seven-day incidences became visible in all age groups last week. Abrupt increases also affect the elderly – in people over 90, the seven-day incidence rose from 63 to 108 in a weekly comparison. There has been another significant increase in outbreaks in old people’s and nursing homes and medical facilities, it said. “This year’s case numbers are significantly higher than in the same period last year.” The RKI has been emphasizing since summer that it is expecting increasing numbers for autumn and winter.


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