Remove everything! For asking you to wear a face mask, a millionaire cancels bank account

A very particular cash withdrawal occurred on a bank in Shanghai (China) a few days ago after one of your clients decided cancel your bank account and withdraw all your savings during a fit of rage suffered by the millionaire, apparently because you are asked to wear a mask.

As reported by local media, a security guard would have invited the client to use a mask for be able to enter the branchHowever, the man not only did not agree, but demanded that his savings they were delivered to him at the moment in reaction to the request to comply with sanitary measures.

Although the total amount of his savings is unknown, the required sum amounted to five million yuan (more than 16 million Mexican pesos) because it is the maximum amount that the bank allows to withdraw and that would be delivered every time until all of your savings be conferred on it.

The millionaire demanded that the bank branch staff will count the bills by hand from one hundred yuan, which were delivered to him in several suitcases that were repeatedly taken to his vehicle outside the bank. The former client took a popular Chinese social network called Weibo to express her discomfort over what she called a “Lousy service attitude” by the employees of the institution. His publication, despite not giving more details about what happened, generated a notable increase in followers and reactions.

It was the bank branch that explained that the incident was due to the uncooperative attitude of its client to wear the mask, reiterating that the millionaire man only limited himself to saying that he had no alternative but withdraw your savings and transfer them to other banks emphasizing the large amount of money he owned. The man came in a luxury vehicle to the withdrawal of their resources.


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