Police discovered dead migrants near the A4

Early on Friday morning, the police picked up 30 people near the A4 near Görlitz after a witness evidence. They had just got out of a van with Polish license plates when the officers arrived. Presumably, as so often in the past few weeks, they were illegally entered migrants, according to a police spokesman. This will now be checked.

First death

During their operation, the police also discovered a lifeless man. An ambulance attempted to resuscitate him, but could only determine that he was dead. According to the Görlitz Police Department, this is the first death in such operations in Upper Lusatia. After initial investigations, the man was a 32-year-old Iraqi, the police said. He was believed to have been dead a few hours before the police discovered him. A section would give more details on the circumstances and the cause of death. The other people are now in the care of the Federal Police.

Accomplice arrested

The fugitive driver of the transporter is currently being searched intensively with a helicopter and tracking dog. According to initial findings, it is said to be a 42-year-old man of Turkish descent. The police have already provisionally arrested his alleged accomplice, a 48-year-old compatriot.


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