EU fine imposed on Poland: “amounts will be recovered”

Status: October 29, 2021 3:35 p.m.

The penalty imposed by the ECJ on Poland for the controversial judicial reform in the millions has to be paid – whether Warsaw wants it or not. The EU Commission has a “very effective procedure” in such a case, according to a spokesman.

Following the resistance of the Polish government to the fine imposed by the European Court of Justice, the EU Commission made it clear that Warsaw must definitely pay the amount. “We have a very effective procedure,” said a spokesman for the Brussels authority on the basic approach to such penalties. “In the end, the amounts concerned will be collected.”

If a country does not pay a fine even after being asked several times, the sum of EU payments to the country will be compensated. The fine therefore flows into the EU budget.

Poland’s Minister of Justice has so far refused to make payments

The ECJ imposed a fine of one million euros a day on Poland on Wednesday. The reason is the country’s refusal to date to implement ECJ rulings on Polish judicial reforms. As early as September, the court ordered a fine of 500,000 euros a day for continued activity in the Turow opencast mine.

Poland’s Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro refused to pay the amounts on Thursday. “Poland can’t and shouldn’t pay a single zloty,” he said. The Polish state should not “submit to lawlessness”. He accused the ECJ of having acted illegally. The European Treaties did not allow the judges in Luxembourg to intervene in the judiciary of the individual states, Justice Minister Ziobro had justified his refusal.

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