Saturday, November 27

DRV: Insolvency insurance makes package tours more expensive | current tourism

Is the package tour still marketable? Thanks to the new insolvency protection from the German Travel Insurance Fund, package tours will probably be one percent more expensive in the future. This was announced by DRV President Norbert Fiebig at the association’s annual conference in Greece.

The industry has to be careful here that package tours are not regulated by the price from the market. With the new coverage, organizers are burdened with something that the individual service does not have to bear in return. “That distorts the competition,” warned Fiebig.

Politicians contradict this view. According to the DRV president, it assumes that the package tour is so consumer-friendly that it continues to be in high demand despite a price disadvantage.

Fiebig hopes that politics will be right in the end. Because if there were to be an increased migration towards individual services, the consumer protection on trips, which is very well guaranteed with a package tour, would be reduced.

Deniz Ugur, CEO of Bentour Reisen, currently assesses the possible price increase for package tours compared to tourism as follows: “A period of sensible calculation is beginning. In this context, I assume that all competitors will support the one percent. “

Arne Huebner

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