DRV: Further financial aid may be necessary | current tourism

It is well known that vacation bookings are picking up again. Even so, it will be years before the tourism industry has recovered from its biggest crisis. And there is still no telling how the corona pandemic will continue.

In this context, DRV President Norbert Fiebig reminded the members at the annual meeting of his association that the state bridging allowances and short-time work allowance will run until the end of the year.

Fiebig also issued a warning: “However, extending the aid beyond the end of the year is – we should be aware – anything but a sure-fire success.”

According to the DRV President, politicians would also be very badly advised to leave the tourism industry “out in the rain for the last few meters”. This applies to a possible extension of the short-time working regulation and also to additional financial injections that are still necessary in some places.

Arne Huebner


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