COVID-19: US intelligence unable to find origin of virus

US Intelligence admits that unable to ascertain the origins of COVID-19 with currently available data, according to an official report declassified this Friday.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States published that document in full, the main points of which were unveiled last August, as that US espionage ruled out that the cause of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was designed as a biological weapon.

As it became known in August, the report does not reach a definitive conclusion about what caused the virus and shows that US intelligence is divided between two hypotheses: that the virus passed from an animal to a human or that it was the product of an accident in a laboratory.

With the release of the entire report, it is clear that US Intelligence is unable to provide a definitive explanation about the origins of the coronavirus unless new information emerges.

Specifically, the data that US espionage sees as necessary are those that allow “to determine the specific route of the initial natural contact with an animal or that a laboratory in Wuhan (China) was handling SARS-CoV-2 or a precursor virus before COVID-19 emerged. “

In this sense, US Intelligence considers that China’s cooperation will be needed to reach a conclusion on the origin of the pandemic.

“Beijing, however, continues to hinder the global investigation, is reluctant to share information and blames other countries, including the US,” the text says.

In the opinion of the US intelligence community, this action reflects “the Chinese government’s own uncertainty about where an investigation might lead, as well as its frustration that the international community is using the matter to exert political pressure on China.” .

Some of the issues that the US believes could shed light would be learn more about the time, location, and occupation of the first people to become infected with COVID-19 and how these first cases were investigated.

Other data that US Intelligence thinks could help are those related to animals or samples of them in markets and farms in Wuhan (Hubei) and in other provinces, among others.



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