Saturday, November 27

COVID-19: Between Hitler and SpongeBob, the EU fights false health passports

Confronted with the spread of fake vaccination passports, some under the names of Adolf Hitler or SpongeBob, European countries decided to revoke the worst protected cryptographic keys, and both France and Poland launched an investigation

“We were aware of alleged fraudulent manipulations in the QR codes of the European COVID-19 certificate”

“We were aware of alleged fraudulent manipulations of the QR codes of the European COVID-19 certificate,” a spokesman for the European Commission said on Friday.

Some Internet users say since Wednesday in forums and social networks that They have secret cryptographic keys that allow the generation of QR codes of the European health passport.

This code contains the identity of its owner and information about their vaccination status or their immunity to coronavirus, having a negative test or having recently cured of the disease.

Some users took advantage of these cryptographic keys and they created fake health passports with quirky names, like Adolf Hitler or SpongeBob.

However, according to the European Commission, there was no leakage of encrypted passwords from citizens, so the possibility of a technical failure is ruled out and it is believed to be an “illegal activity”.

According to Brussels, in some cases “the certificates were generated by people who had valid identification data to access national computer systems,” said the institution.

According to experts, Internet portals, such as North Macedonia, a country that is not part of the EU but has been integrated into the European health system since August, did not have the most basic protections and this allowed QR codes to be generated false.



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