Before the UN climate summit: Pope warns of “uninhabitable world”

Status: October 29, 2021 11:14 am

Pope Francis has called on politicians to act in the face of the climate crisis. Shortly before the UN climate conference in Glasgow, he warned of an “uninhabitable world” and called for “radical decisions”.

Before the start of the UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Pope Francis asked political decision-makers to answer the pressing questions of the time. In this way they could set “concrete signs of hope” for future generations, said the head of the Catholics.

In his address the Pope warned of an “uninhabitable world”. “We find ourselves increasingly weakened and fearful, trapped in a series of ‘crises’ in health, environmental, nutritional and economic, not to mention social, humanitarian and ethical crises,” said Francis. All of these crises are deeply linked and require “radical decisions that are not always easy”.

“Find a common answer”

At the same time, the 84-year-old emphasized that each individual could contribute “to influence the common response to this unprecedented threat of climate change and the decline of our common house”.

Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have revealed a deep vulnerability and numerous doubts about the economic systems and society, Francis added. “Every crisis requires a vision, the ability to plan and the speed of implementation.”

Planned meeting with Biden

According to the Pope, there is also an opportunity for change in the crisis. The most important lesson from the crisis is to realize that it is necessary to build something together and tear down all the political walls behind which one can hide. “You can’t get out of a crisis alone,” said Francis.

Against the background of the G20 summit in Rome this weekend, Francis wants to meet with several heads of state before they travel to the climate summit in Scotland. Among other things, he will receive US President Joe Biden.

Before his departure, Biden had campaigned with the Democrats in the US House of Representatives for a framework for a climate and social package, which, however, was reduced from an originally planned amount of 3.5 trillion to 1.75 trillion dollars.

In addition, the Pope will also receive the South Korean President Moon Jae and on Saturday the Indian President Narendra Modi.

Pope sends representatives to Glasgow

From Sunday onwards, the governments will negotiate at the world climate conference COP26 in Glasgow on how they can actually meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. This provides for a limitation of global warming to well below two and if possible to 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial age.

The Pope had originally announced that he wanted to travel to the conference himself. At the beginning of October, however, the Holy See announced that number two in the Catholic Papal States, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, would lead the Vatican delegation.

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