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Amalfi workshop (4): A coast reinvents itself | current tourism

How can a coast that struggles with overtourism in the high season, reposition itself, become more sustainable and develop new forms of tourism? This is exactly the subject of a one-week workshop at the end of October, to which the Italian tourist office Enit, the Forum Anders Reisen and the tourist office Distretto Turistico Costa D’Amalfi in the popular holiday region in the Italian province of Campania had invited.

14 organizers on site

14 small and medium-sized tour operators were there. In various activities and during two half-day workshops, they got an insight into the ideas, concepts and products that 14 communities and a total of 70 tourist companies in the region have developed and implemented under the label “Authentic Amalfi Coast”.

The approach is to show travelers on the Amalfi Coast more than just the spectacular, around 50 kilometers long coast between Positano in the west and Vietri sul Mare.

Limes, olives and a “path of the gods”

The participants experienced how traditional limoncello is made and the differences between olive oil. They hiked on the lime path near Minori and the legendary Sentiero degli Dei, the “Path of the Gods” between Positano and Agerola. They visited a centuries-old winery and inspected various family-run hotels.

The exciting thing about it: The respective focus of the organizers was extremely different. While Wikinger Reisen, Hauser excursions and Studiosus were looking for new hiking routes, interesting supplementary products and attractive, sustainable accommodation, Geoplan was primarily concerned with expanding the Italy program that had just started.

The accommodations were particularly important to Product Manager Franziska Sundarp: “Since only ten percent of guests book their trip at Geoplan as it is in the catalog, we always need alternatives,” says Franziska Sundarp, describing her approach.

Organizers with different focuses

For Fit-Reisen boss Claudia Wagner, on the other hand, it is first and foremost about getting to know the region at all. The nearby Ischia in the Gulf of Naples is a top destination for the special operator for wellness and health trips. Fit Reisen still has to conquer the Amalfi Coast.

This also applies to Wir Reisen / Club Aktiv: The Oldenburg provider is planning a sea kayak trip along the Amalfi Coast for 2022: “We still have a lot of planning work ahead of us – but I’m a big step further,” says kayaking guide Rickleff Gramberg.

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