After the Charleston massacre: $ 88 million for victims and their families

Status: 10/29/2021 8:46 a.m.

More than six years after a racially motivated massacre in a US church that left nine dead, relatives and victims reached an agreement with the Justice Department. The $ 88 million payout has a deeper meaning.

Survivors of the massacre in a church in Charleston, South Carolina and relatives of those who died have reached an agreement with the US Department of Justice on a compensation of millions. The families of the nine fatalities will receive 63 million dollars (about 54 million euros), the five survivors together 25 million dollars (about 21 million euros). The US Department announced. The settlement would meet claims of 14 plaintiffs, it said

In addition, allegations would be settled that the US Federal Police FBI had failed to prevent the assassin from legally buying a weapon. The shooter was able to buy the murder weapon, although he should actually have been refused. The plaintiffs blamed the failure of the authorities – essential information about Dylann Roof, for example, was not correctly recorded and passed on. Roof called himself a racist. He was sentenced to death in 2017.

Sum not chosen at random

Since that tragic crime, the FBI has been working to strengthen and improve the background check process, the Justice Department said.

Bakari Sellers, attorney, told the AP news agency that the total compensation of $ 88 million was not chosen by chance. The number is typically associated with right-wing extremists and corresponds to the number of bullets the assassin said he had with him in the attack. The money will build wealth in the black communities based on one of the country’s horrific crimes of hatred, Sellers said.

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