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29.10.2021 – 14:15

EKD – Evangelical Church in Germany

Hanover (ots)

Today (October 29), the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) published a paper on guidelines for a sustainable welfare state under the heading “Being each other in dignity and solidarity”. The Chamber for Social Order developed the EKD text using the examples of care and inclusion. “Cohesion does not come about by itself. Dignity, self-determination, participation and justice must be protected and promoted. Last but not least, the pandemic has intensified centrifugal forces and has also become a test of the welfare state,” said EKD Council Chairman Heinrich Bedford-Strohm in the foreword of Text. Although the goals of the welfare state remain unchanged, it is important that their implementation is reliable. “How can dignity, self-determination, participation and justice be protected and promoted, especially in old age, with illness and in need of care? How can interests be balanced between individual development and the common good? These questions have also become a test of the welfare state,” said Bedford- Strohm. It is central not only to “care for” those in need, but also to enable them to participate in social life.

How Christian social ethics evaluates and aligns welfare state action against the background of the double commandment of love, the text discusses specifically using the examples of inclusion and care. In the corona pandemic, the systemic relevance of care was particularly prominent, according to one of the twelve theses on the value of the welfare state. “With regard to the regulation of social services through to the shortage of skilled workers, it has become clear that the role of employees has to be upgraded and their working conditions have to be renegotiated.” In view of the often described problematic situation in care, a fundamental reform of care financing is pending. This must be geared towards meeting needs with a clear limitation of the personal contribution, made possible by adjustments to the contributions and their tax-financed supplement. “In this way, challenges in the care sector, which also became apparent during the corona pandemic, can be better mastered,” the theses say. In particular, home care by relatives plays a central role.

The text was presented in a specialist discussion in Berlin. The text is available online as a PDF at and can also be ordered there as a printed copy.

Hanover, October 29, 2021

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