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▷ The 3rd league live at MagentaSport – 14th matchday: Viktoria Köln – 1.FC Magdeburg 1: 0 …

29.10.2021 – 22:01


Munich (ots)

Big surprise at the start of the 14th matchday: Viktoria Köln trembles in spite of the 87 minutes excess of the 1-0 surprise victory against leaders Magdeburg. The FCM not only lost the game, but also two important top performers, Bittroff and Müller. “Today we got into the game very unlucky,” said coach Titz, who nevertheless told his team that they “can leave the field with their heads held high”. Thanks to the victory, the Viktoria leaves the relegation places for at least 24 hours. Viktoria trainer Olaf Janßen: “That was just 100 again percent today.”

Below are the most important of the Friday game – if you use it, please name the source MagentaSport. Tomorrow is the next conference in the 3rd division. Among other things, with a south-west derby between Mannheim and Saarbrücken – from 1.45 p.m. live on MagentaSport.

Viktoria Cologne – 1. FC Magdeburg 1-0

In the 3rd minute, Magdeburg’s defense chief Tobias Müller was thrown off the field because of an emergency brake because he hadn’t hit the ball properly with a back pass. When Bittroff also had to be treated, the Cologne team used double the majority and took the lead 1-0. The victory means jumping to 15th place for at least one night. Cologne coach Olaf Janßen over the 6 points against Dortmund and Magdeburg: “When you have to deal with as much resistance as we have since matchday one and you notice that the team always stays with it and sticks together … That was just 100 percent again today. The team threw itself into everything that was possible That is also the basis … It feels great. There are 8 players missing in the squad and some are not yet at 100 percent. If we keep our composure, then we can get out of there. “

The winning goal scorer, Simon Handle, was obviously happy after the game: “Outstanding. We’re getting better and better on track and you can see that on the pitch. There are 100 percent of everyone. That way you can beat the championship leader from time to time.”

About the increase in performance in the last few games: “Havelse was our low point and since then we have said: it is only possible with full commitment. Then something comes out and it is nice to see. This is our way.”

For 1. FC Magdeburg it is the first defeat after the last 3 victories in a row. Above all, the failures of Müller and Bittroff leave a bitter aftertaste despite the fact that they still lead the table. Trainer Christian Titz: “Today we got into the game with a maximum of unhappiness and then it is actually clear to us that we will remove a man at the front and continue playing normally To get a goal, even if we obviously have to defend it better … Today we really got a lot together.

What he gave the team after the game: “That we played a good second half and that we were able to leave the field with our heads held high. We could have taken more with us, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough today.”

Amara Conde asked: “The point in the game today was that we mostly overslept through the first half. It wasn’t just the red card that was a point … We completely lost our game for the first 20 minutes. That gave us that too We can learn from that. As we did in the second half, we have to act directly if something like that happens. Then we can turn a game like that. In the second half we have one Great morale. Respect to the team … Today would definitely have been a draw in the second half. “

On Friday afternoon, the DFB presented a new package of measures for the 3rd division following the recommendation of the “Economic Stability 3rd League” task force. Among other things, clubs should be punished if their equity deteriorates. In the case of negative equity, this must improve by 5% annually. The topic of “fans” was also discussed. From the coming season, the stadium capacity will no longer have to be 10,001, but only 5,001, in order to give smaller clubs more opportunities. Furthermore, the clubs are obliged to employ a fan representative full-time and to conduct an open and official fan dialogue at least three times per season.

Cologne’s chairman of the management board, Andreas Rettig, spoke to presenter Thoma Wagner about the innovations before the game.

About reducing the number of viewers: “I think the decision is a good one. Even if we meet the criteria here, that’s a good sign. That was an arbitrary figure. I think that we have taken a step back here without neglecting the professional conditions It was a good and consistent decision that was long overdue. I also think that it brings the possibility that clubs that are on the threshold between 3rd and 4th defeat do not have to expose themselves to unnecessary economic risks and can be there . “

He was also enthusiastic about the other resolutions: “You have to compliment the DFB from time to time. The task force and the DFB Presidium have also set an example there that economic stability and common sense are important. The so-called equity ratio. If equity is negative, you have to Always improve that. So you can’t go into debt any more. Otherwise there will be fines and points deducted and I’ll find the right way. “

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