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29.10.2021 – 15:08

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Baden-Baden (ots)

Hanns-Josef Ortheil, one of the most successful authors in Germany, will celebrate his 70th birthday on November 5, 2021. The SWR literature show “worth reading” was visiting him in the Westerwald beforehand. In Alexander Wasner’s film, Hanns-Josef Ortheilits beginnings from childhood manuscripts to obsessive daily writing practices. He talks about how to deal with his serious illness – and how it affects his writing. It can be seen in “extra readable” on Thursday, November 4, 2021, 11:15 pm on SWR television – and from November 2, 12 noon on ARD media library and up www.SWR.de/lesenswert; “Worth reading” is at least one year in the after broadcast ARD media library retrievable.

The way back to writing

Ortheil learned to write in the Westerwald – in a family that was deeply traumatized by the war. Writing became a daily practice. He published 70 books before a serious heart disease led to a turning point. His hand failed – a disaster for a writer. Especially for Hanns-Josef Ortheil, because he writes all of his books by hand. And also calendars, diaries, notes, sketchbooks, blogs. His father laid the foundation of his writing in his childhood: the mother had given up speaking after the death of four sons, deeply traumatized. When Hanns-Josef Ortheil survived as the fifth child, he first learned to write and play the piano, then to speak. In order to regain his strength, the author, who lives in Stuttgart, retired to his parents’ house in Wissen / Sieg, south of Cologne. There is still a hunting lodge there today, in which, as a child, sitting next to his father, he wrote his first surprisingly mature texts. These exercises later developed into writing training, with which he trained many well-known German authors in Hildesheim.


“Worth reading extra: ‘I’m still the child who writes.’ The writer Hanns-Josef Ortheil turns 70 “on Thursday, November 4th, 11:15 pm, SWR television – available online from November 2nd

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