▷ Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Commentary on “The Länd”

29.10.2021 – 17:53

Stuttgart news

Stuttgart (ots)

Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Commentary on “The Länd”

Looking at it soberly, the continuation has succeeded. After “We can do everything. Except High German” it continues with “The Länd”. This is the name of the new umbrella brand campaign of the state government, which a few days before its start is causing – to put it neutrally – raised eyebrows. You can hardly get further away from High German.

But despite all the criticism. Drafting a new slogan after 20 years is legitimate. And it has been proven that skilled workers are in dire need of most industries in the Southwest. Whether “The Länd” can awaken such longings remains to be seen – as well as whether “The Länd” will at least become a catchphrase. At least that is what “We can do everything. Except Standard German”.

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