▷ Serious allegations against cannabis doctor startup Algea Care

29.10.2021 – 13:46


Steinheim (ots)

The board of directors of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin eV (ACM) raises serious allegations against Algea Care GmbH, which has opened locations in several cities to enable patients to receive therapy with cannabis-based drugs – for expensive money. The allegations against the company range from excessively high bills to violations of the fee schedule for doctors. The ACM has therefore asked some state medical associations to check whether there are any violations of the professional code. The ACM is a non-profit association of patients, doctors, pharmacists and other people interested in cannabis as medicine.

“I have taken on a number of patients from Algea Care in my practice because they can no longer afford treatment there,” explains cannabis expert Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen from Steinheim, managing director of ACM. “According to the documents submitted by the patient, Algea Care charges around 120 euros for a 15-minute video consultation.” Services that were not performed at all would also be billed.

“On the basis of descriptions of patients who were treated at Algea Care GmbH, and whom I find hair-raising, I doubt whether the media self-portrayal as experts in cannabis as medicine is correct,” adds Gero Kohlhaas, sociologist and member of the spokesman’s council of the self-help network cannabis medicine (SCM). The SCM is a working group of the ACM and the largest organization for cannabis patients in Germany.

“With the current legal situation, many patients have problems finding a doctor who prescribes cannabis-based medication,” said the chairwoman of the ACM, Professor Dr. med. Kirsten Müller-Vahl, senior physician at the Hannover Medical School. “It is important that bureaucratic hurdles and financial risks are dismantled so that more general practitioners are prepared to offer such therapy.”

The ACM regards the successes recently reported by Algea Care as an alarm signal, as they make it clear that when prescribing cannabis-based drugs for some doctors, commercial interests, which are declared a successful business model, are in the foreground and not the treatment of chronically ill patients .

As early as May 2021, representatives of the ACM together with numerous other experts from medicine and addiction research as well as members of the German Bundestag from the FDP, SPD, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen and the Left published a position paper on improvements in the treatment with cannabis and cannabinoids required in Germany. This is the only way to correct undesirable developments that exploit the plight of the patient who cannot find a physician to treat him.

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