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29.10.2021 – 15:19

bpa – Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV

Berlin (ots)

The President of the Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services (bpa), Bernd Meurer, says:

“While the incidences are skyrocketing and the booster vaccinations for those in need of care and nursing staff are still not everywhere, the federal government no longer dares to impose restrictions on the people in the country to protect the general public. Instead, expanded tests should create a minimum level of security .

This strategy is insufficient to protect the particularly vulnerable elderly people in care facilities. Corona has not been tested for a year and a half, the Executive Minister Spahn should know by now.

The care facilities have been providing their part of the security measures for a long time with sophisticated protection concepts and test strategies as well as a vaccination rate that is well above the population average. However, they require politicians to take additional effective measures to limit the number of infections in the population. The more infections that occur, the greater the risk of vaccination breakthroughs, even in care facilities.

With today’s call for expanded test concepts, the minister is already preparing for communication: If there are major infections in care facilities, then the federal government’s inaction should not be to blame, but rather the test concepts of the federal states and the care facilities. In this fourth wave, however, we do not need a buck, but real support to protect those in need of care. Last but not least, this means: We need an effective pandemic fight with a noticeable reduction in the number of infections. “

The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV (bpa), with more than 12,000 active member institutions, is the largest advocacy group for private providers of social services in Germany. Private facilities for outpatient and (partially) inpatient care, assistance for the handicapped and child and youth welfare are systemically relevant part of the general interest. As a good example of public-private partnership, the members of the bpa are responsible for around 365,000 jobs and around 27,000 training positions (see www.youngpropflege.de or www.facebook.com/Youngpropflege). Investments in social infrastructure are around 29 billion euros.

Press contact:

Norbert Grote, Bernd Tews, BPA Managing Director, Tel .: 030/30 87 88 60, www.bpa.de

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