▷ PIRATES Lower Saxony are demanding that the entire mask requirement in schools be retained

29.10.2021 – 16:03

Pirate Party Germany

Hanover (ots)

As the Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Tonne announced today, the mask requirement in schools is to be partially lifted at the end of the autumn vacation. [1] The PIRATE Lower Saxony demand that they be retained completely.

“We warned about this development three weeks ago. [2] But now, with the knowledge of the effects of the lifting of the mask requirement in schools in Berlin and Bavaria, such a decision is both the demand of the Robert Koch Institute [3], the working group of the scientific medical societies [4] and the primary school teachers association [5] contradicts that it can hardly be surpassed when it comes to denying science. Here Minister Tonne prefers to put himself on a par with lateral thinkers and AfD [6]which also calls for a general abolition of the mask requirement in schools, as the minister is at least promising. How blinded and far removed from any reality do you have to be to be allowed to govern? “Asks Thomas Ganskow [7], Chairman of PIRATEN Lower Saxony and its top candidate for the state election in 2022 [8]. “It is no coincidence that Bavaria is considering introducing it again. [9] Do you really have to have the infection numbers from there in order to draw the correct conclusions from it? Obviously, thinking outside the box is not this government’s thing. ”

In addition to the abolition of the mask requirement in grades 1 and 2, daily testing is planned for unvaccinated and unrecovered pupils until November 5th. This obligation does not apply to those who have been vaccinated.

“Apart from the fact that the home test still offers every possibility of errors and manipulation [10], even Minister Tonne should not have missed the fact that vaccinated people can also become infected. So why an exception is made here is incomprehensible. However, the minister comes to pass that there is still no vaccine approved for children under the age of 12, which means that almost continuous testing up to the 6th grade is necessary. However, given the known incubation times for the actual infection, this is still unacceptable. Here Minister Tonne is once again playing with the health and life of the children he is responsible for protecting, “adds Mattis Glade, paramedic and city councilor of the PIRATES in Alfeld.” Tests do not prevent infection. Why does the child always have to have fallen into the well so that politics can see what is necessary? ”

“There are no statements at all about hoarding, crèches, daycare centers and the people working there. That is pathetic,” adds Alexandra Paul, educator and base pirate. “While there is at least a slow prospect of installing air filters in schools, this is a dream in childcare facilities. The nightmare is having to act unprotected with cold-blooded children. That has not changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Here So nothing has moved in the minister’s mind at all. ”


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