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29.10.2021 – 16:59

Open Europe

Riga, Lettland (ots/PRNewswire)

Is Ukraine a difficult neighbor or a future partner for the EU? Open Europe Virtual Congress experts attempted to find the answer during an online event on October 26th.

Representatives from five countries took part in the discussion, which was chaired by Ruslan Pankratov, chairman of the Latvian party “Ricibas”: Ex-Bundestag member Waldemar Herdt (Germany), Luis Marinelli, who is running for governor of California in 2020 (USA), ex-Vice Mayor of Vilnus Algirdas Palezkis (Lithuania), political scientist and President of the Peter the Great Foundation Valery Dvoinikov (Belgium), Director of the Center for Geopolitical Studies Dragana Trifkovich (Serbia).

Valery Dvoinikov first explained the context in which Russophobia was actively promoted in the EU and which laid the foundation for the ensuing chaos in Ukraine. The main problem, said Dvoinikov, lies in the troubled relations between Russia and the US and in the destructive policies against Eastern Europe. He suggested that France use its diplomatic potential to resolve the conflict instead of causing further escalation.

Algiras Palezkis, who was on trial in Lithuania for “denying the Soviet occupation”, added that 30 years ago the Baltic states presented themselves as mediators, diplomats who, because of their history, were able to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern Europe Bridging Eastern Europe, culture and geographic location. And now they have not just strayed from that role, they have become the front line and their governments are very provocative. Ukraine is making the same mistake: instead of strengthening its strengths, it has lost common sense and obeys external orders rather than the interests of its people.

Waldemar Herdt gave a clear answer to the question about the main event, stating that Ukraine could not be a partner for the EU in the foreseeable future as it would need a lot of investment to free itself from the chaos it is currently in. These investments are an obligation of the EU to enforce its own standards and visions. Ukraine is currently ruled by a team that ignores the interests of its own people, puts them in danger and ruins the country’s economy. The war in the Southeast will go on until they are the ones who benefit from it, first and foremost the Ukrainian government, which can use it to justify their own weakness and incompetence, and their American puppeteers, who are destabilizing the neighborhood too Russia are interested. As a result of this madness, the EU has already lost more than EUR 170 billion through sanctions. The European Union was founded as a union of sovereign states – today it dictates more rules than Moscow has at any point in Soviet history. “Brussels wants to regulate everything in the EU: from the width of the cucumbers to the length of the vacuum cleaner produced” – says Waldemar.

Luis Marinelli said that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is being fueled from outside, but the extremes it has reached are completely nonsensical.

Dragana Trifkovich compared current events in Ukraine with Yugoslavia in the 1990s and found that a very similar “Divide and Conquer” scenario is used. She said she witnessed the events in southeast Ukraine in 2014-2015 and the powerful propaganda in the EU trying to portray the situation in an extremely distorted way.

Experts are still optimistic that it might still be possible to build the great Europe as a common economic area from Lisbon to Vladivostok if the European countries act as sovereign entities and protect the interests of their peoples.

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