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29.10.2021 – 13:26

bpa – Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV

Leipzig (ots)

While in all other federal states also care workers are protected nationwide with a third vaccination against the corona virus, Saxony is taking a dangerous special route. The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV (bpa) criticized this in a fire letter to the State Minister for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion Petra Köpping.

The state government, the Saxon Vaccination Commission and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians still refrain from recommending booster vaccinations for employees in care facilities. They can only get a vaccination from their family doctor in individual cases.

“Nursing staff are vaccinated nationwide at the same time as the residents of nursing facilities to ensure the highest possible level of protection,” said Igor Ratzenberger, the Saxon bpa state chairman. The conference of health ministers agreed on this at the beginning of September. The Standing Vaccination Commission STIKO also recommends booster vaccinations for nursing staff and people who have direct contact with caregivers.

“The Saxon special route is completely incomprehensible to us and must be corrected immediately,” said Ratzenberger. “Only with nationwide third-party vaccinations for people in need of care and caregivers will we get the necessary protection for residents that we need in the fourth wave, which has already started. Older and previously ill people are ultimately still exposed to great dangers from the virus.”

The Ministry of Social Affairs must quickly ensure that the booster vaccinations are also implemented comprehensively for caregivers, demands the bpa.

The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV (bpa), with more than 12,000 active member institutions (including over 800 in Saxony), is the largest advocacy group for private providers of social services in Germany. Private facilities for outpatient and (partially) inpatient care, assistance for the handicapped and child and youth welfare are systemically relevant part of the general interest. As a good example of public-private partnership, the members of the bpa are responsible for around 365,000 jobs and around 27,000 training positions (see www.youngpropflege.de or www.facebook.com/Youngpropflege). Investments in social infrastructure are around 29 billion euros.

Press contact:

Jacqueline Kallé, Head of the bpa regional office,
Tel.: 0341-52 90 44 60, Mobile: 0162/134 135 6, www.bpa.de

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