▷ Joachim Paul: Any CDU opens school doors for gender star

29.10.2021 – 16:13

AfD – alternative for Germany

Berlin (ots)

The German Spelling Council created criteria for gender-equitable texts back in 2018 and confirmed its position again in March 2021. This included readability and a focus on essential issues. The teaching and learning of the spelling of the German language in school should not be made difficult or impaired.

The Rhineland-Palatinate traffic light state government evaded an application from the AfD parliamentary group at the meeting of the education committee on October 28, 2021. State Secretary Bettina Brück (SPD) said the Council for German Spelling would like to discuss this again on April 22, 2022. Until then, the state government does not want to take a position. For the opposition CDU, MP Jennifer Groß declared that the gender star could definitely be used in schools, but that there should be no compulsion.

Joachim Paul, member of the federal board of the AfD:

“Once again the disorientation of the CDU is evident. While in Saxony the CDU-led Ministry of Culture instructed the school principals not to use gender symbols in the school area, the CDU parliamentary group in Rhineland-Palatinate has no problem with the defacement of the German language . Sometimes this way, sometimes like this: With the CDU’s nationwide opportunism, the door will be opened to the gender gaga at our schools. Any CDU in education policy wants to avoid a hard argument with left ideologues. Only the AfD offers the gender gaga Forehead – nationwide and consequently.

Joachim Paul demands:

“We do not want gender sprawl in our schools. It cannot be that binding rules for spelling are simply overridden and everyone decides for themselves how to write. There must be legal certainty. Otherwise, the pupils will get the fatal impression that Spelling would be irrelevant. We expect from all state governments that the use of a gender star, gender underscore or gender colon is seen as a mistake throughout Germany. The Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs should position itself clearly here a project by urban elites that divides society. “

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