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29.10.2021 – 09:21

Heilbronn voice

Berlin (ots)

In the debate about German participation in NATO’s nuclear deterrent strategy, Gregor Gysi, the Left Party’s foreign policy spokesman, urged Germany to take a consistent stance. Gysi told the “Heilbronn Voice” with a view to the US atomic bombs stationed in Rhineland-Palatinate: “Precisely because the world problems cannot be solved in confrontation, but only together, it is high time for common sense instead of deterrence, for disarmament instead of armament To this end, Germany must press for the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany and, in NATO, for an end to the confrontation strategy. “

Gysi warns of a catastrophe: “NATO has decided to further tighten the aggressive deterrent strategy against Russia with increased inclusion of nuclear weapons. Where should this path lead? Should the further escalation eventually end in a terrible war? Germany is in the through its nuclear participation NATO directly involved in this nuclear deterrent against Russia. This is not only a terrible act of historical oblivion, but also a direct threat to the security of our country. Because a nuclear conflict between NATO and Russia would also take place on German soil. “

According to estimates, around 20 US nuclear weapons are still stored at Büchel Air Base, which could be dropped on selected targets as part of the nuclear participation of tornado jets of the German armed forces in the event of a conflict. In view of the ongoing coalition negotiations between the SPD, Greens and FDP, security expert Wolfgang Ischinger warned against questioning German participation in NATO’s nuclear deterrent. The head of the Munich Security Conference told the dpa that a withdrawal of the US atomic bombs from Germany would have serious consequences for security in Europe.

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