▷ Former Federal Environment Minister Hendricks (SPD): “We are not on the way to failure”

29.10.2021 – 10:22


Bonn / Kleve (ots)

Former Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks is optimistic about the UN climate conference in Glasgow and does not see the world community on the path of failure. “We are not on the way to fail as dramatically as it suggests, but the statements of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change mean: If nothing more happens now, we would have 2.7 degrees global warming,” said the SPD politician in the phoenix Interview. “Right now the countries are coming together in Glasgow and setting out more ambitious goals than they initially agreed upon.” It is of no use, according to Hendricks, “if we keep telling each other that everything is not possible anyway. Then people become discouraged and are not ready to accept restrictions.”

At the upcoming climate summit, it is therefore important to advance two central measures. “What has to happen now in Glasgow is that we jointly interpret the rules of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It’s like the rules for applying a law – that is not yet complete.” Supporting the countries of the south is another key point, said Hendricks. “We have to keep the promise that the countries of the South will receive 100 billion dollars a year to combat climate change and promote climate protection. The countries of the North have to guarantee that have contributed to human-made climate change, but are particularly suffering from it. ”

Looking back on the SPD’s participation in government since 1998, with the exception of the black-yellow coalition, the Social Democrat is self-critical: “We certainly have a share in it like everyone else who has political responsibility in the countries of the north. I also believe that we are part of it In some places it has been too slow that we have to drive the expansion of renewable energies much faster than has been the case in recent years. ” She believes that a new government made up of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP can move faster on climate policy issues. “I hope that the new coalition will do that now. In fact, the brakemen were more likely to be found in the Union faction. Not with the Chancellor, but the economic politicians of the Union faction have always been on the brakes.”

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