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29.10.2021 – 10:32

WWF World Wide Fund For Nature

Berlin (ots)

– High-resolution images and footage for download on request

– More information at www.wwf.de/nfa

Berlin, October 29th, 2021: With the “NFAs: Non-Fungible Animals” campaign, the nature conservation organization WWF Germany is building a bridge from virtual art to its conservation work for tigers, pandas and co. Ten renowned artists from all over the world have provided works of art. Including Freehand Profit, Lea Fricke or Bosslogic, who is considered one of the great Marvel or DC cartoonists. The WWF is offering the works of art using the blockchain-based NFT technology that has become popular in the art market in recent months. They were all inspired by particularly endangered species. The number of the respective works is limited to the number of specimens still alive in the wild. The official start of sales of the “Non-fungible Animals” begins on November 2nd, 2 pm at www.wwf.de/nfa

In order to visualize the life-threatening situation of the animals, the WWF and its partners use state-of-the-art NFT technology. “Non-Fungible Tokens”, or NFTs for short, are currently revolutionizing the art market and are unique virtual collector’s items that are not interchangeable. An NFT represents a digital certificate of ownership and, translated, describes that it is “non-replaceable”. Thus, the NFTs in the blockchain are unique originals. With the campaign, the project applies the NFT technology with the help of the environmentally friendly one

Blockchain Polygon for the first time for the protection of species by turning NFT into NFA: “NonFungible Animal” – an irreplaceable animal. Each work of art is digitized and transferred into as many NFAs as the animal currently still exists in the wild: For example, 290 giant bites that are still alive become 290 limited NFAs. Each individual work of art embodies an individual animal whose threat from NFAs should be made aware.

“As WWF we have a leading role in the area of ​​social education. We want to show how close we are to the irrevocable extinction of various species on this planet,” says Eberhard Brandes, CEO WWF Germany, describing the aim of the campaign. “The NFA campaign will help to support our worldwide projects for these endangered animals and to preserve them in their natural habitat.”

For the campaign, a diverse mix of ten artists used their creativity for the benefit of the rare animals. On the one hand, the WWF was able to win over artists such as Freehand Profit, whose masks made from sneakers are internationally popular, for the campaign. On the other hand, the NFA portfolio is supplemented by artists such as Eric Peters and Lea Fricke, who are already familiar with animal motifs in their oeuvre, and the Brazilian artist Romulo Kuranyi is also involved in the campaign with his characteristic Pop Art.

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