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29.10.2021 – 07:00

Pirate Party Germany

Berlin (ots)

According to a press report [1] The outgoing federal government is trying to reintroduce and even expand the suspected suspicious data retention by the courts via the detour of the EU. MEP and civil rights activist Dr. Patrick Breyer (Pirate Party), who campaigns against the reintroduction of data retention at European level, condemns this sharply:

“The fact that the SPD Federal Justice Minister Lambrecht secretly wants to enforce an indiscriminate total recording of our communications and movements via the EU detour can only be described as irresponsible political laundering. No other surveillance law is so harmful to confidential contacts on which we depend in countless areas of our society are.”

Specifically, the Federal Government supports the following plans of the EU Commission:

1. Messenger services or video telephony are to be obliged for the first time to store data and compulsorily identify them, which even goes far beyond the EU directive on data retention, which has been declared null and void, and the German law on the same.

2. The greatest danger arises from the IP data retention last approved by the ECJ and advocated by the Federal Government, which would enable the state to investigate private Internet use by ordinary people for months and to abolish pseudonyms. This endangers whistleblowers and political activists, for example. Criminals can easily bypass this total record with anonymization services, but it would make normal users transparent.

3. The Federal Government is open to data retention for the “protection of national security” after the goal of criminal prosecution does not justify comprehensive data retention according to the ECJ. Following the example of a French judgment, data retention threatens to be made the rule and a permanent condition again – with reference to ‘risks’ that exist always and everywhere.

“We have known for a long time that laws on nationwide retention of telephone, mobile phone and Internet use in no EU country have a measurable impact on the crime rate or the rate of education [2]that access to traffic data is usually possible even without data retention [3]that the clear-up rate of internet crimes in Germany, for example, at 58.6%, is above average even without IP data retention and has even fallen after the introduction of the first law on data retention, “

stresses Breyer.

“If we have learned anything from the totalitarian injustice regimes on German soil, it is that we must never again allow a surveillance state. The PIRATES in the European Parliament will therefore actively fight against any revival of this excessive instrument of general suspicion.”

Background: This week, eleven civil rights and professional associations demanded that the SPD, FDP and BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN should enforce an end to the law on the suspicion-free retention of connection, location and Internet data in the traffic light coalition negotiations [4].


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