▷ Climate crisis: Children are afraid of the future / SOS Children’s Villages for the World Climate Conference

29.10.2021 – 04:30

SOS Children’s Villages worldwide

Munich (ots)

Fears of the future, depression, rising suicide rates: According to the SOS Children’s Villages, the climate crisis is already having massive effects on children and young people. On the occasion of the world climate conference, the aid organization calls for radical measures for climate protection.

According to current studies (Sanson et al. (2019), Hickmann & Marks (2021)), 60 percent of young people are afraid of the future due to the climate crisis, 48 ​​percent are even reluctant to have children themselves. “That is concrete and dramatic! The climate crisis is already endangering the mental and physical health of children and young people all over the world,” says Boris Breyer, spokesman for SOS Children’s Villages.

The reactions of young people who had to witness environmental disasters are particularly serious: Depression, anxiety disorders, learning and sleeping problems increased and the suicide rate skyrocketed. Their potential for aggression and violence was also significantly higher. Breyer says: “Children and adolescents are by far the main victims of climate change. According to WHO forecasts, 80 percent of all people who suffer diseases, injuries and deaths due to climate change will be children or adolescents,” says Breyer. Heat and drought would already seriously endanger the lives of children today. It is foreseeable that this development will become even more dramatic. The rise in temperatures alone has numerous serious side effects such as the spread of parasites, infections or gastrointestinal diseases. For children, these are quickly fatal.

“As a child protection organization, we see these developments with the greatest concern. We call on the participants in the World Climate Conference to redeem the right of children to an intact environment and to stand up for the health of future generations. We finally need appropriate and courageous climate protection,” says Breyer.

The SOS Children’s Villages support children and families around the world. Climate protection also plays an important role in this. For example, people are supported in the cultivation of climate-resistant plants, children receive environmental education, and buildings are equipped to be climate-friendly.

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