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29.10.2021 – 09:48

BLM Bavarian State Center for New Media

Munich (ots)

The President of the Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM), Dr. Thorsten Schmiege, yesterday at the Media Days 2021 in Munich called for mandatory labeling of microtargeting in political advertising. “We need clear rules for the digital election campaign,” he said on the sidelines of Europe Day. “That is why microtargeting must be labeled in political advertising. Transparency instead of bans is the guideline.”

Microtargeting in political advertising is currently a much discussed topic in the European debate about the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA). While there are clear labeling obligations with regard to political advertising in telemedia, which are laid down in the State Media Treaty (MStV) and in a corresponding one statute have been worked out, there are currently no regulations on the use of microtargeting.

Dr. Thorsten Schmiege: “We do not think that it is the right approach to ban targeted political advertising in principle. However, microtargeting becomes problematic when it comes to personalized election promises or even disinformative content being played out to the exclusion of the public. That is why we need special rules for political advertising and the digital election campaign for more transparency among users, but also about the criteria for personalization. ”

The relevance of microtargeting for the federal elections and possible regulatory approaches were discussed yesterday at the media days with the CSU General Secretary Markus Blume, the director of the State Agency for Media in North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. Tobias Schmid and the President of BLM Dr. Thorsten Schmiege discusses.

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