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▷ Armenian news radio FM 106.5: Armenia between the fronts of the world powers

29.10.2021 – 21:35

Armenian News Radio FM 106.5

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On October 12, 2021, Suren Sargsyan, President and Founder of the Armenian Center for American Studies, spoke to Armenian News Radio FM 106.5 about the new world order and the situation of Armenia in the face of the confrontation between world powers.

Zarkissyan said there are countries in the world that once had regional superpower status and are now trying to expand their regional influence. Turkey, for example, has become an actor in today’s world which, by confronting Russia, seeks to participate in other regional processes. Today it plays an important role in these regions of Europe, Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. Iran is also an important geopolitical factor. And many of the processes that are taking place in these regions are at the expense of Armenia’s interests. In other words, Armenia is making concessions on all fronts – militarily, politically, economically and diplomatically.

Regarding the US superpower, Sargsyan believes that the United States has been actively involved in international affairs. After Armenia gained independence, the US intensified its political and economic cooperation with Armenia, which in turn responded actively to the US while maintaining its traditional relations with Russia. Recently, Armenia joined the Union for Religious Freedom at the initiative of the United States, and Armenian experts and residents have expressed dissatisfaction with it. They do not understand why Armenia should jeopardize its relations with neighboring countries for this reason, and China, for example, has made it clear that it disapproves of this action. He believed that Armenia should further develop its relations with neighboring and other developing countries.

Zarkissyan said Armenia urgently needs international recognition but does not currently have a full strategy, which is a major obstacle. Armenia should pursue a more balanced policy in order to protect its interests against the world powers and even achieve good development.

This show will soon be airing on the Armenian news channel HDV, stay tuned.

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