▷ Aglaia Szyszkowitz back in action as Billy Kuckuck

29.10.2021 – 11:26

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Baden-Baden (ots)

Shooting of the fifth film in the successful series

Billy Kuckuck takes really hard action – and has no idea what existential consequences this has for an uncooperative debtor … Aglaia Szyszkowitz also proves in her fifth assignment as bailiff Billy Kuckuck stubbornness, inventiveness and optimism about a debtor from the self-made debtor Trap free. “Billy Kuckuck – Sewn on Edge” (AT) was written by David Ungureit, and again directed by Thomas Freundner. Filming began on October 19th and will continue until mid-November.

Car seizure with tragic consequences

Billy Kuckuck can’t foresee that when she complies with an enforcement order from Jule Hellwig: Because the rather gruff debtor doesn’t want to let her into her apartment, Billy doesn’t hesitate and confiscates Ms. Hellwig’s car. She discovers too late that she has taken the roof over the woman’s head with it, because the cleaner has been living in her car for a year. Driven by feelings of guilt, Billy pulls out all the stops to help the unwilling debtor out of a tight spot and to get the car back. The bailiff comes across a well-kept secret with tragic features

The team

“Billy Kuckuck – Sewn on Edge” (AT) is realized by FFP New Media on behalf of ARD Degeto and SWR for ARD. In addition to Aglaia Szyszkowitz in the title role, Gregor Bloéb, Ursela Monn, Vivien Sczesny, Eva Verena Müller and Rüdiger Klink are part of the regular cast, who can welcome Ben Braun as a new member. Anja Knauer and Vita Tepel play the leading roles in the episode. Ralf Mootz is again responsible for the production design and Martina Schall for the costume design. Ralf M. Mendle is behind the camera and Andrea Schriever is responsible for the editing. “Billy Kuckuck – sewn on edge” (AT) is produced by Simone Höller and Michael Smeaton, the producer is Anemone Krüzner. The editor is Monika Denisch (SWR) and Stefan Kruppa (ARD Degeto). “Billy Kuckuck” is broadcast on the slot “Finally Friday in the First”.


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