▷ A dream becomes vanlife: special edition CamperVans Edition shows the most beautiful vehicles

29.10.2021 – 08:45

DoldeMedien Verlag GmbH

Stuttgart (ots)

The most beautiful and spectacular dream mobiles for campers, from off-road to luxury vehicles, can be discovered in the new “CamperVans Edition”, which will appear for the first time on October 29th as a special edition of the popular vanlife magazine CamperVans.

The content of the large-format, visually powerful print magazine shows everything that the booming vehicle segment of camper vans, vans and panel vans currently has to offer its many fans: 14 series, custom and individual extensions are supported by the editors of the DoldeMedien Verlag in Stuttgart Space for exciting details and fascinating photos and text are presented, plus innovative vehicle studies and sophisticated module concepts for furnishing and fitting out.

“For us, this magazine is less about putting every camping vehicle through its paces,” says CamperVans editor-in-chief Andreas Güldenfuß. “In our edition, campers can rather learn ideas, be inspired or simply be amazed at what is possible today and tomorrow. Nevertheless, there is of course no lack of the necessary information on technology and materials, because the dream mobiles are presented in detail.”

An extensive range of accessories with everything the van lifter needs rounds off the magazine – from the hand-forged ax to the CNC milling machine for the home workshop and self-assembly.

The special edition “CamperVans Edition” is now available at the kiosk or in Dolde-Onlineshop.

Extent: 124 pages in XL magazine format

Price: 9.90.-

Press contact:

Andreas Guldenfuss
Editor in Chief CamperVans
DoldeMedien Verlag GmbH
Naststraße 19 B
70376 Stuttgart
Phone +49 (0) 711 55 349 0
[email protected]

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