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Viral: Young man kills two women by pact with demons to win the lottery

A 19-year-old British man obsessed with demons was sentenced Thursday to 35 years in prison for the murder of two sisters, committed on the conviction that it would help him win the lottery.

Judge Philippa Whipple sentenced Danyal Hussein for the stabbing to death of 46-year-old Bibaa Henry; and Nicole Smallman, 27, who were in London’s Fryent Country Park for a birthday celebration in June 2020.

Prosecutors said Hussein, who did not know the victims, promised to kill six women every month to win the Mega Millions Super Jackpot lottery. They said that the young man was obsessed with demons and hexes and had signed a blood pact with a mythical figure he called Lucifer Rofocale.

“I am sure that you committed those murders as part of a deal for wealth and power,” Whipple said in sentencing.

“You committed those ruthless attacks. You did it to kill. You did it for money and a misguided lust for power.”.

Hussein, who appeared virtually due to coronavirus restrictions, turned around in his chair not to face the court during sentencing.

Hussein denied the crimes, although his DNA was found on a knife discovered in the grass.. His attorney Riel Karmy-Jones did not request a postponement of the sentencing hearing, despite a psychiatric report that recommended a more in-depth evaluation.

“We hope that over time and after some treatment the family will receive some answers about how and why these crimes occurred,” said her lawyer. “He has a loving family that is devastated by what happened.”.

The mother of the victims, Mina Smallman, has criticized the police response when her daughters were reported missing on the night of June 6, 2020. She said that the agents showed a lack of urgency after visiting the home of one of the sisters and see her as “a black woman living in public housing.”

With little urgency from the police, the family organized their own search. ANDNicole Smallman’s boyfriend found the bodies 36 hours after the murders.



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