Saturday, November 27

Vaccine rejection in Eastern Europe comes at a high cost

The slow rate of vaccination in Eastern Europe has its origin in several factors, including public mistrust and past experience with other vaccinessaid Catherine Smallwood, COVID-19 Incident Manager for the World Health Organization in Europe.

“At the end of the day, we are seeing low vaccine consumption in a whole swath of countries in that part of the region“He told The Associated Press.” Historical issues surrounding vaccination come into play. In some countries, the whole vaccine thing is politicized, in any case. “

The United States will limit arrests of migrants in schools or parks

Russia on Wednesday reported its record of 1,123 deaths in 24 hours, its worst figure since the start of the pandemic, with just a third of its nearly 146 million inhabitants fully vaccinated. The Kremlin ordered a non-working week starting this week and running until November 7.

In Ukraine, only 16% of the adult population has the complete vaccination schedule. It is the second lowest percentage in Europe only behind Armenia, with just over 7%.

Ukrainian authorities are demanding that teachers, government employees and other workers be fully vaccinated before November 8 or they will face a suspension of their salary. In addition, to board long-distance planes, trains or buses, proof of vaccination or a negative test for coronavirus is now required.

This has created a burgeoning black market for fake documents.. Counterfeit vaccination certificates sell for the equivalent of $ 100 to $ 300, and there is even a fake version of the government app. The police have opened 800 criminal cases for this reason and have deployed 100 mobile units to track their owners.



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