Travel industry expanding its stride, marketing for the Lunar New Year holiday already

Leading Hana Tour, everyone is a large-scale event starting in November
Online malls such as and Tmon also attack promotions
Price competition expected to be fierce for the time being to dominate the market

With Corona coming closer, travel agencies are accelerating. The travel bubble with Singapore starting in November, as well as the 2022 Lunar New Year holiday, started early.

After a long time, Hana Tour took the lead. Hana Tour launched the ‘2022 Lunar New Year’s Holiday Overseas Travel’ promotion from October 26, and started attracting customers. We have prepared a wide range of products not only in regions where travel is currently possible, such as Guam, Saipan, Europe, and the Americas, but also in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan. It encourages early reservations by providing a discount of 100,000 won to 200,000 won for customers who make a reservation 90 days before departure. Hana Tour planned an early bird promotion as the 4th wave caused the travel sentiment to subside somewhat during the Chuseok holiday, but the demand was expected to move more actively during the Lunar New Year holiday.

An official from Hana Tour said, “The products are centered on areas where there is a lot of customer demand, where there is a lot of customer demand, and where borders are likely to open.” he explained. He added, “We also prepared exclusive products for customers who use the reorganized Hana”

Modetour will hold a large-scale discount event ‘Modetour Black Friday’ for 4 weeks from November 1. In addition to discounts of up to 50%, Wonderbox events, discount coupons of up to 300,000 won, special time deals, and joint purchases are planned. Various themed products such as honeymoon, golf, and cruise were also prepared, and the departure time of the product was extended until May of next year, including the Lunar New Year holiday. Modetour’s head of product planning department Jeon Jin-taek said, “We planned this event to quickly recover overseas travel demand through exceptional prices and to support effective sales of sales agencies.”

Online malls are also giving strength to travel marketing.’s trip (triip) has been selling overseas air tickets and packages at special prices since October 25. In the case of packages, reservations remain open until departure in January or February of next year. In addition, Coupang, WeMakeup, and Timon are also conducting various exhibitions under the theme of overseas travel that can be left immediately.

Customer reviews are not bad for various promotions. Contrary to the prediction that the price of air tickets and package products will rise significantly after Corona, most of the product prices are set at the 2019 level. The industry predicts that price competition will be fierce for the time being in order to preoccupy the market in the early stages despite variables such as limited flights and Lunar New Year holidays. A travel industry official said, “As the resumption of overseas travel is in its infancy, price competition seems inevitable for the time being.” expected

The travel industry has started marketing for the Lunar New Year holiday in 2022 for a quick recovery. The photo is Hana Tour Promotion / Hana Tour Capture

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