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81 percent of Germans want to travel next year. European destinations clearly score points: 62 percent prefer a vacation in Europe. This is shown in a recent survey by the technology provider Amadeus.

The many travel restrictions are still problematic. They cause irritation among vacationers. Around a third of those surveyed (34 percent) think that the current international travel restrictions and guidelines are confusing and unclear. And that keeps them from booking a trip.

No problem with sharing health data

Travelers have almost no problems with sharing their health data. 91 percent of those surveyed would be willing to provide personal information and health data for the use of the digital health passport.

The corona virus continues to cause certain fears among potential vacationers. The greatest concern of German travelers is the possibility of self-isolation or quarantine before and after the trip. This scares 39 percent of those surveyed. This is followed by concerns about changes in travel restrictions that lead to last-minute cancellations (38 percent). In addition, the fear of non-reimbursement of payments made caused 37 percent of those surveyed to be reluctant to book.

Only four percent of the respondents from the Amadeus study are completely free of fear and worry when it comes to traveling in times of Corona.

Flexible cancellation conditions are desired

Amadeus also asked which technology would increase confidence in travel again. Automated and flexible cancellation guidelines would be important for 42 percent of those surveyed. 41 percent would like mobile applications that offer notifications and warnings while traveling. 40 percent would find an app to store digital health data useful.

For the “Rebuild Travel” survey, Amadeus asked 1,000 citizens in Germany who had traveled abroad in the last 18 months.

Arne Huebner

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