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The Squid Game: New York Schools Ban Halloween Costumes From The Series; find out why

Schools in a district in the state of New York, United States, banned students from Halloween costumes from the new Netflix hit “The Squid Game”, due to the fear that it may exalt violence.

The South Korean dystopian series shows hundreds of people with financial difficulties who compete with each other in a traditional children’s game. The victor can win millions, but the losers are killed.

Set includes marbles, tug of war, and a red and green light.

The Fayetteville-Manlius school district, about 250 miles north of New York City, wrote to parents to inform them that the costumes in the series, which include green masks and jumpsuits and pink overalls will not be accepted at its six centers.

“Our principals want to make sure our families are aware that it would be inappropriate for students to wear costumes from this series to school for Halloween. for the potential violent messages it gives off “said district superintendent Craig Tice in a statement sent to AFP.

According to the guidelines of the schools, “Costumes should be neither rugged nor scary so as not to scare younger students.”

Tice added that some students have made games “similar” to those in the series. The district oversees three elementary schools for children ages 5-10.

The district hopes that parents and supervisors “reinforce the school’s message that games related to violent behavior are not appropriate at recess,” he said.

“The Squid Game” has become the biggest hit in Netflix history, viewed by 142 million households in the four weeks following its premiere in mid-September.

The streaming platform told investors earlier in the month that products related to the series were on their way to stores for sale.

Earlier this month in England, schools warned parents that students they were copying games from the series that is intended for adults.



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