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Reactions to the ECJ ruling: Split on the matter

As of: 10/28/2021 02:46 a.m.

The European Court of Justice has ordered Poland to pay a daily fine of one million euros. These are the reactions from Warsaw.

By Raphael Jung, for Studio Warsaw, currently Berlin

Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta criticized the judgment of the Luxembourg judges as “blackmail” immediately after the announcement. The ECJ despises and ignores the Polish constitution, wrote Kaleta on Twitter. The court is exceeding its competences. Radoslaw Fogiel, deputy press spokesman for the PiS party, was less drastic, but adamant on the matter.

How the judiciary of a member state is organized is the internal affair of that member state. I would ask for a little more feeling for your own sovereignty, your own identity and national pride. And not such an attitude: oh man, oh man, why don’t we resolve this when that’s required of us. The Polish Parliament decides what the judiciary will look like in Poland.

The Deputy Sejm Marshal Ryszard Terlecki, also from the PiS party, tried to appease: no fines have yet been paid. It is possible that the EU will do without it if the controversial disciplinary body is dissolved.

The opinion of Gigi Deppe, SWR, on the penalties for Poland

Topics of the day 9:35 p.m., 10/27/2021

Opposition praises decision

For the Polish opposition, on the other hand, the judgment of the ECJ was a clear confirmation that the PiS failed with its judicial reform and that the rule of law in Poland must be restored as soon as possible. Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz from the Civic Platform Party emphasized:

There is no room for concession on the rule of law. There is no room for compromise. The right to an independent court, free from political pressure, is the right of Poles, which derives from both the EU treaties and the Polish constitution. The ECJ simply established the facts.

Several members of the opposition also criticized the PiS for sacrificing Poles’ money for a pointless dispute. Borys Budka, ex-chairman of the Civic Platform party, said: “We demand that tomorrow the Sejm will discuss regulations on how the disciplinary body can be dissolved and that allow Poles – and in reality the Poles – none Pay enormous fines for the absurd tenacity of Jarowslaw Kaczynski. ”

Neither Morawiecki nor Ziobro comment on the judgment

With the judgment of the European Court of Justice on fines amounting to one million euros per day, the conflict between Poland and the EU over legal status has reached a new level. Against this background, it is noteworthy that neither Justice Minister Ziobro nor Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commented on the Luxembourg ruling on Tuesday.

It is possible that one is now looking for a solution in the ranks of the governing coalition in order to come to terms with the EU in the dispute over the controversial disciplinary body. In the past, the government in Warsaw had indicated that it was ready to talk several times, but then remained inactive.

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