Martha Sepúlveda: Judge of Colombia authorizes euthanasia for non-terminal patient

A Colombian judge authorized this Wednesday in the first instance the euthanasia of Martha Sepúlveda Campo, who could become the first person in the country to access that right without being in the terminal phase of her illness. This decision can be challenged.

Sepúlveda, 51 years old and diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), He went to court after the medical center refused to perform euthanasia two days before the procedure, contradicting another previous medical concept that supported it.

“The judge recognized that the IPS INCODOL violated the fundamental rights to die with dignity, to a dignified life, to the free development of the personality and human dignity of Martha Sepúlveda,” the Laboratory of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights said in a statement ( DescLAB), which provides legal advice to Sepúlveda.

The judge ordered that Within 48 hours, the medical center agrees with the patient the “day and time when the euthanasic procedure will be carried out as long as she maintains her willingness to perform it”, as indicated by the fault.

As it is a first instance decision, the medical center can challenge it before a Superior Judicial District Court, criminal lawyer Camilo Burbano explained to The Associated Press. “It can go to the Constitutional Court for review, but that review is optional (optional),” he added.

Sepúlveda relies on the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court that allows euthanasia to people who suffer intense physical or mental suffering from bodily injury or serious and incurable disease without being in a terminal phase. According to the Colombian health authorities, a person can be medically classified as “in terminal condition” when their prognosis for life is less than six months.



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