Labor market in October: the number of unemployed falls to 2.38 million

Status: 10/28/2021 10:26 a.m.

Thanks to the economic upturn, the situation on the German labor market improved further in October. 2.377 million people were jobless – 88,000 fewer than in September and 383,000 fewer than a year ago.

The situation on the German labor market continues to develop positively thanks to a strong autumn recovery. The number of unemployed in Germany fell to 2.377 million in October. That is 88,000 fewer than in September and 383,000 fewer than in October last year, as the Federal Employment Agency (BA) announced. The unemployment rate fell by 0.2 points to 5.2 percent.

If the seasonal fluctuations are factored out, the number of unemployed fell in September by a seasonally adjusted 39,000 on the previous month. “The labor market continues to develop positively, unemployment and underemployment are falling sharply,” said Daniel Terzenbach, director of the Federal Employment Agency. “Employment and the number of jobs are growing and are again above their respective pre-crisis levels.”

Relaxation even with short-time work

“The consequences of the corona crisis on the labor market are still visible, but are getting smaller,” said BA boss Detlef Scheele. “Unemployment and underemployment are falling sharply, employment and business demand for new staff are increasing, and short-time working continues to decline.”

Between October 1 and October 24, companies registered short-time work for 93,000 people. How much of it was and is actually used will only be decided later. The latest actual consumption data is from August. In that month, the Federal Agency paid short-time work benefits for 760,000 people. This is significantly less than in April 2020, when almost six million people in Germany were on short-time work.

Development on the training market is stalling

Scheele was not satisfied with the situation on the training market. “Despite brightening, the results are still very much behind those before the pandemic and we are still facing major challenges,” he said. In the past twelve months, 511,300 apprenticeship positions had been reported to the job centers and employment agencies, 19,000 fewer than in the same period of the previous year. In contrast, 433,500 applicants took advantage of advice from the job centers and agencies – 39,400 fewer than in the same period of the previous year.

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