COVID-19: They fear a new wave of cases in the northern hemisphere due to cold season

The cases of COVID-19, which last week increased in the world after two months of decreases, could continue to rise, especially in the northern hemisphere with the arrival of the cold season, the head of the anticovid technical unit of the World Health Organization (WHO), Maria Van Kerkhove.

“People spend more time indoors, sometimes in rooms that are not properly ventilated … We have the delta variant, of which we have already identified 30 subvariants, and the pandemic will continue, “predicted Van Kerkhove at the weekly press conference organized by the WHO on COVID-19.

Despite this, the American expert stressed that “transmission can be lowered” not only with vaccines, but also with other tools already available before, such as healthy distance, face masks, hand hygiene or not attending large mass events.

“We have weapons at hand to save lives and reduce transmission,” said Van Kerkhove, who assured that “the more we use them, the closer we will be to ending the pandemic.”

Global COVID-19 Cases Increased 4% Last Week after almost two months of declines, mainly due to new waves of infections in European countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey or Ukraine.

The WHO reported 2.9 million infections between October 18 and 24, of which more than half, 1.6 million, were registered in Europe.



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