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Corona pandemic in Russia: lockdown and forced leave

Status: 10/28/2021 11:16 a.m.

New corona infections are escalating in Russia. The authorities reported a new daily high of 1159 deaths. To contain it, there has been a lockdown in Moscow since today.

By Stephan Laack, ARD Studio Moscow

There will be a shutdown in Moscow for at least the next ten days. Schools and kindergartens are closed, social life should largely rest. Restaurants only offer take-away meals. According to President Vladimir Putin’s orders, companies and authorities are to send workers on paid leave.

Much to the chagrin of employers such as Anastasia Tatulowa, who owns a restaurant chain. “Entrepreneurs are already allergic when they hear: ‘There is a week off at the employer’s expense,'” she says. “Of course the numbers are bad when it comes to the deaths. The vaccination campaign has completely failed. I am concerned that it will not only last a week.”

Only 32 percent are vaccinated

Indeed, the measures could be extended. Today more than 40,000 new infections have been reported nationwide. 1159 people died within 24 hours – again a new high. Only 32 percent of the population are fully vaccinated. In order to stop the increase in new corona infections, there are now also many other regions in Russia on non-working days.

The state television stations show depressing reports from overcrowded clinics in the country on a daily basis. Doctors who are now completely at their limit, like this doctor from Samara, have their say: The situation is very serious because there are practically no free beds, she says. “We have very, very many patients who are in a life-threatening condition. The intensive care unit is overcrowded, we have a great many young patients, and most patients get worse shortly after they are admitted.”

More than a million infected people

Nationwide, 90 percent of Corona beds are already occupied, as Health Minister Michail Muraschko announced this week. In some regions, capacities would have to be increased. 1.3 million people are currently suffering from Corona.

But in the end, everyday life went on as if there was no tense situation. Despite all the appeals, not all of them adhere to the mask requirement. Shops and restaurants in Moscow were still well attended until yesterday.

Flights for several thousand euros

Now that social life is restricted and there is also time, many are drawn to the sun. Air travel to Egypt or Turkey is very popular. Most of the flights were quickly booked out – several thousand euros were sometimes charged for economy tickets.

“Why should we stay in Moscow now, where everything is closed?”, Says a young woman at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to the Russian broadcaster Rossija 24. And another vacationer says: “We have QR codes, we are not afraid of being ill We packed our bags within a day. ”

The reporter still wants to know whether she has been vaccinated. The answer is “no”

Tense corona situation – ten-day shutdown begins in Moscow

Stephan Laack, ARD Moscow, October 27, 2021 4:17 p.m.

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