Attracted 6 billion won investment from Tripbitoz

Pre-Series B investment, secured a total of KRW 10.5 billion
“Leading the market with a travel metaverse platform”

Tripbitoz has finished attracting 6 billion won worth of pre-series B investment / Tripbitoz

Tripbitoz, a video-based online travel platform, succeeded in attracting 6 billion won in investment.

Tripbitoz has raised a total of 10.5 billion won in investment so far. This investment, worth 6 billion won, is ‘Pre-Series B investment attraction’. Startup investment attraction is made in alphabetical order from A, which means the stage just before Series B, the stage of business expansion. Giant Step, an XR (extended reality, mixed VR, AR, MR) content production company, and NICE Investment Partners newly participated, while SJ Investment Partners and TS Investment participated as follow-up investments.

With this new investment, we will advance the infrastructure of our hotel partners and focus on developing services that allow users to dominate and compete in the virtual world. Furthermore, it plans to grow into a travel metaverse platform that connects the real world with virtual spaces and experiences. Park Seong-yoon, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tripbitoz said, “Travel in the era of with corona is different from the travel we experienced in the past in many ways. will lead the global market.”

On the other hand, Tripbitoz is a video-based free travel platform that allows users to share their travel videos, and provides a service that allows other users who have watched the videos to book a hotel in the video in real time. It is selling 850,000 accommodations worldwide, and has achieved an average of 50,000 daily visitors for the past 30 days.

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