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The German cruise market leader Aida Cruises emphasizes the need for stable prices in the current industry situation. Marketing and Sales Manager Alexander Ewig says in an interview with touristik aktuell: “We don’t want special tariff models and dumping – this price madness in tourism has to stop!” “I can only appeal to everyone: let’s keep prices stable!”

The German market leader has apparently succeeded in doing this quite well so far. In any case, the company headquarters in Rostock have shown themselves to be “very satisfied” with the development of bookings and the occupancy rate, given the general situation.

Two thirds of the Aida fleet are back in service. And the ships run at full capacity – with the currently required reduced capacity, as Ewig emphasizes: “We always got the ships full.”

Praise to travel agents

This was also achieved with the help of stationary sales. “The interaction with the travel agencies worked so well that one could not have imagined better in such a situation,” says the head of sales.

You can read what Alexander Ewig has to say about price parity and accessibility in the big cruise special of the new ta issue 43-44 / 2021, which will be published at the beginning of next week.

Christofer Knaak

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