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28.10.2021 – 09:13

VOX Television GmbH

Cologne (ots)

From November 1st to 7th, VOX will dedicate itself to a socially important topic under the motto #VOXforWomen: The empowerment of women! It starts on Monday at 8:15 pm with the unique infotainment show “#VOXforWomen – The Event”. Whether on the topics of sexuality, role models, the world of work or politics – a large number of prominent and non-prominent everyday heroes: inside and forerunners: inside the event, which lasts several hours, and beyond, campaign for female empowerment. In the studio, presenter Laura Wontorra welcomes co-initiator Natalia Wörner and actresses Wolke Hegenbarth, Ursula Karven and Thelma Buabeng, cook and restaurateur Haya Molcho, entrepreneur Diana zur Löwen, blogger Jules Schönwild, gynecologist and bestselling author Sheila de Liz as well as co-initiator Natalia Wörner in the studio Author and LGBTIQ + Ambassador to the European Parliament Riccardo Simonetti. Together they want to educate in an entertaining and informative way, set impulses, make demands and follow them up. Co-initiator Natalia Wörner: “The special thing about this evening is that it actually exists. This is a great opportunity: an evening only for women.” And further: “The greatest insight is that we are still talking about topics that we have been discussing for decades. It is not the others who have to solve these problems, it is ourselves.”

You can find more quotes from the show here.

Under the hashtag #VOXforWomen, viewers can participate, discuss, exchange ideas and empower on social media all evening and in the future! All articles and information are available on the VOX Facebook page as well as on the VOX-Instagram-Kanal.


The “multichannel broadcast” devised by We Are Era in collaboration with UFA Documentary for VOX consists of current reports and talk situations as well as studio activities. The omnipresent topic of “female empowerment” is taken up and further developed on various social media channels in advance, and the show itself is ultimately the starting shot. Because VOX has decided to take responsibility. Therefore, under the hashtag #VOXforWomen, even more and more equality will be ensured on all channels. That means: women and topics like diversity and body positivity should get even more visibility and attention. VOX will constantly check itself on this and take stock after a year. In addition, on March 8, 2022, the children’s book “Glitzer für Alle” by author Milena Baisch will be published by Penguin JUNIOR (Penguin Random House Publishing Group), which campaigns for cliché-free coexistence far away from role models and stigmatization. And the production company We Are Era has already launched a cooperation with Joblinge and in this context will sign two participants at the Berlin location.

Gwendolin Szyszkowitz-Schwingel (UFA Documentary) and Tobias Schiwek (We Are Era) act as producers of “#VOXforWomen – The Event”. On the VOX side, Sabine Wilmes as executive producer and Sabine Michael as editor in the team of VOX editor-in-chief Marcel Amruschkewitz control the evening.

“#VOXforWomen – The Event” runs on November 1st at 8:15 pm on VOX. And also in the other program of the Cologne station, women will be the focus of the theme week from November 1 to November 7, 2021. You can find the press kit with all the information in our media hub here: https://kommunikation.mediengruppe-rtl.de/pressemappe/VOXforWomen-Das-Event

This year RTL + will publish a documentary, also produced by UFA Documentary and We Are Era, in which Natalia Wörner deals with the topic of female empowerment and speaks to many of her colleagues. Among them are the Hollywood stars Helen Mirren and Andie MacDowell and the German actresses Iris Berben and Ursula Karven.

You will find a preview of the show soon here in our media hub. Quotes from Natalia Wörner are already there here available.

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