▷ VW diesel exhaust scandal: Evidence should provide clarity for the VW Bulli T5

28.10.2021 – 06:58

Dr. Hartung Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Mönchengladbach (ots)

The VW Bulli T5 does not get out of the headlines either. The popular vehicles are equipped with the two-liter EA189 diesel engine with four cylinders and are playing an increasingly important role in the diesel emissions scandal.

Dieselgate 1.0 and Dieselgate 2.0 from Volkswagen AG are endless. Because more and more often the courts decide in disputes about the four-cylinder diesel EA288 in the interests of the injured consumer, and judgments continue to be made on the EA189. In the meantime, Dieselgate 1.0 regularly focuses on the VW Bulli T5. Volkswagen AG is repeatedly sentenced to compensation for the manipulation of the popular van.

In two currently controversial diesel proceedings, which revolve around the VW Bulli T5, the courts have ordered evidences. The District Court of Kleve (Az .: 3 O 79/21) has decided that by obtaining an expert opinion, which must initially be submitted in writing, evidence should be collected about the plaintiff’s claim that the software function stored in the engine control unit of his vehicle, with the help of which can be recognized, Whether the vehicle is on the test bench for driving through the new European driving cycle (NEDC) and with which it is possible to regulate the exhaust gas recirculation in the test bench in a different way than in normal road traffic, with the result that the legally required nitrogen oxide emissions are complied with on the test bench while the vehicle is constantly in a different mode with higher nitrogen oxide emissions in normal road traffic, it is actually in function in its vehicle.

And the higher regional court Hamm (Az .: I-21 U 173/20 to Az .: I-6 O 129/20 Regional Court Bochum) wants to know: Is the engine control software in the VW T5 Multivan at issue programmed so that it is between two A distinction is made between operating modes for normal driving on the one hand and operation on the test bench on the other by adapting the exhaust gas recirculation rate in such a way that, as a result of software-based recognition of the parameters in the test bench mode according to the New European Driving Cycle NEDC, the legal limit values ​​of the Euro 5 emissions standard are complied with, while the rate of Exhaust gas recirculation is reduced during normal operation in such a way that the limit values ​​are no longer adhered to (so-called switchover logic)? Is the functioning of the engine control in the vehicle at issue in this respect comparable to that in other models from Volkswagen AG with engines of the EA189 series that were the subject of a recall by the Federal Motor Transport Authority?

“The evidencing decisions can turn out to be very beneficial for harmed consumers. With this and the ongoing consumer-friendly judgments, Volkswagen AG is losing more and more ground to talk its way out of the emissions scandal. Instead, they can use the fraud liability suit to return their vehicles and obtain compensation for them. The way to an economically sound solution for diesel drivers in the VW Dieselgate 1.0 therefore only leads through the courts! “, says the Mönchengladbach lawyer Dr. Gerrit W. Hartung from the Dr. Hartung Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (www.hartung-rechtsanwaelte.de). The law firm deals exclusively with investor and consumer protection issues and specializes in advising those affected by the emissions scandal. Consumer protection attorney Dr. Gerrit W. Hartung is considered to be a “diesel lawyer” from the very beginning and has fought for the conclusions to be drawn.

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