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28.10.2021 – 16:07

SKL – million games

Munich (ots)

Denny Wanner from Bad Ditzenbach in Swabia had never expected a profit at the SKL million event in Dresden – and emerged as the big winner. The 32-year-old won 1 million euros under the eyes of the prominent lucky sponsors, the actor couple Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl. Nevertheless, the new father remains on the ground and has very modest wishes.

Denny Wanner could hardly believe his luck when lottery number 10 rolled out of the drum and he was named the lucky winner and new SKL millionaire in the final of the SKL Millionaire event. The likeable Swabian only told his wife in advance about his unique chance of great luck as one of the 20 candidates for the SKL Million Event. Now he is all the more pleased to tell his family about the unexpected win – because happiness is best when you share it.

With the million won, which he owes to a lottery ticket from Aubele, Denny Wanner would like to fulfill a long-cherished wish: “I would love to travel to Norway for two weeks,” says the new millionaire. And preferably in a camper with a roof tent. “The country has always appealed to me because of the landscape and nature up there.” But the USA also beckons him. It is important to finally go on a trip again, “because as a self-employed person with your own business, vacation is simply not always possible,” he explains. Another heartfelt wish that he would like to fulfill with the prize is a larger wedding celebration – until now there has only been a civil marriage.

Dresden as a magnificent backdrop for the SKL Million Event

The SKL Million Event of the 149th Lottery took place on October 8, 2021 in the Saxon capital. There the 20 candidates, who were randomly generated from among all SKL ticket owners, had prominent company: For the draw for the four rounds of the game, the actors Elena Uhlig and Fritz Karl stood by the participants as lucky sponsors.

Under the watchful eyes of moderator Eric Schroth, a drawing manager and state supervision, the main prize of 1 million euros and other prizes between 1,500 euros and 20,000 euros were played out.

The unique event day was all about Dresden’s city history. Starting with a visit to the Zwinger XPerience exhibition, through an artistic performance by “Countess Cosel” in the Taschenbergpalais, to glimpses into the world-famous Semperoper – at the end of the SKL Million Event, the candidates were able to enjoy an eventful day full of exciting games and a look back on a varied supporting program.

In four games it was decided who would get closer to the million dollar game round after round. The all-important bullet fell in the evening in the setting of the Taschenbergpalais, worthy of a millionaire. Denny Wanner had the luck of the ticket with the even numbers of the lottery balls and Fritz Karl as the lucky charm. When the ball number 10 fell out of the lottery drum, it was clear: The 32-year-old from Bad Ditzenbach is the new SKL millionaire.

But the 19 remaining candidates did not go away empty-handed: depending on their progress in the game rounds, they were able to win from at least 1,500 euros to 20,000 euros – and all of this was guaranteed by the state and tax-free.

The event highlights and the path of the new millionaire to happiness are on skl.de to see.

The event took place in compliance with a hygiene concept and all pandemic-related regulations.

About the SKL-Millionenspiel and the GKL:

The SKL-Millionenspiel is a product of the GKL Joint Class Lottery of the Länder (GKL). The GKL, an institution under public law with headquarters in Hamburg and Munich, organizes the German class lotteries on behalf of all federal states. The GKL is represented by its board of directors Günther Schneider (chairman of the board) and Dr. Bettina Rothärmel.

SKL players with a minimum stake of 15 euros per month have the chance to win money of up to 20 million euros – guaranteed by the state. Two SKL lotteries are held each year, each divided into six game sections, so-called classes. The number and amount of prizes increases from class to class. The same applies to the chance of a hit. The lottery starts on June 1st and December 1st of each year.

Lots and more information about the SKL million game are available on the free hotline 089 67903-810, on skl.de or from all state SKL lottery revenue. The SKL lottery is also at Instagram.

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