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The planned topics:

Book “Kurz. Ein Regime” – A settlement with the Sebastian Kurz system

“Enough is enough” – with this sentence, the then Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in 2019 broke the government coalition with the right-wing FPÖ, whose chairman and vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache had overthrown over the so-called “Ibiza affair”. The naive political observer could say: In short, mean business and have a political shame line. Now, two and a half years later, it turns out that he is presumably just as unrestrained as his former coalition partner. Kurz, according to the current allegations, was guilty of corruption, fraud and manipulated opinion polls. That triggered a political quake in Austria.

Peter Pilz was a member of the Austrian parliament for 30 years, initially for the Greens, later with his own list. His book “Kurz. Ein Regime” traces the political career of Sebastian Kurz – and this followed a planned seizure of power. The plan worked. Today the chat minutes of this seizure of power are read out at the Burgtheater in Vienna – among others by actor Daniel Jesch in the role of Sebastian Kurz, whom the texts remind of Shakespeare. The Austrian writer and playwright Lydia Haider is shocked and asks about the madness in Austrian politics. And book author Peter Pilz warns: If Sebastian Kurz, who is currently on a waiting position as a member of parliament and is allegedly planning a comeback as Chancellor, gets away with this plan, then there could be a political contagion effect on Germany, Pilz told “ttt”. (Author: Ulf Kalkreuth)

“Generation Africa” ​​at DOK Leipzig

Much is reported about the causes of flight. But what drives a person who has managed the life-threatening crossing from Africa to Europe to turn back, to go back home? That is exactly what the young Ghanaian Fati did. In the documentary “Fati’s Choice” she tells of her motivations. The film, which can be seen at the DOK Leipzig festival, also tells of the lack of understanding of her family and friends. Is the longing for the children left behind really more important than the prospect of well-paid work in Europe?

“Fati’s Choice” is one of three documentaries that can be seen at the festival under the title “Generation Africa”. Produced by “STEPS”, a team from South Africa whose documentaries want to give the continent’s many disadvantaged people a voice. “ttt” accompanies “Fati’s Choice” director Fatimah Dadzie and “Steps” producer Don Edkins at DOK Leipzig. (Author: Petra Böhm)

“1000 years of joy and sorrow” – autobiography by Ai Weiwei

In 2011 the artist, human rights activist and insubordinate citizen Ai Weiwei was arrested by the Chinese state security. While in solitary confinement, Weiwei remembers his father, the poet Ai Qing, who was harassed as a “deviator” during the “Cultural Revolution”. This creates very personal memories: The history and family chronicle “1000 Years of Freud and Sorrow”, which is now published in German, is about the lifelong search for creative freedom and the experience that totalitarian states fear nothing as much as the subversive power of art. “ttt” meets Ai Weiwei in Portugal, where the restless man has recently pitched his tent. (Autor: Andreas Lueg)

“Wagner, Bayreuth and the rest of the world”

The documentary “Wagner, Bayreuth and the rest of the world” will open in cinemas on October 28th. Music journalist and director Axel Brüggemann accompanied rehearsals and performances in Bayreuth for three years and conducted interviews with Katharina Wagner, Barrie Kosky and other stars of the festival. The result is a documentary that does not want to be biographical or critical of music and instead tries to find a balance between, on the one hand, humorous descriptions of the worldwide fan cult and, on the other hand, the unease that Wagner’s anti-Semitism causes not only Jewish lovers of his music. Dealing with this aspect of Wagner, says director Axel Brüggemann, was a kind of self-therapy. (Author: Petra Böhm)

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